Who I am: I'm Bill of Bill Bartz Productions, Photography and Adventure Photos TX. I bring over 20 years photo and social event experience to my 10 year-old company and for my many clients.

What I do: I strive to be as professional and designing as possible while also as accommodating as possible. I've worked in many different photo capacities, always with an eye for perfection and art.

Why I should be chosen over competitors: My style is photo journalistic and designing with an air for the best in lighting and composure. I'm friendly, accommodating and relates easily to all levels and persuasions of clients. I'll always be in your corner for the best in photos.


Bill Bartz Productions provides a wide range of photo and secondary video services to my clientele. I provide a full accounting of wedding services ranging from advice and information on the important day to the complete relaxation of my clients regarding any and all photo events and questions. I maintain a high level of secondary video services to provide that product to my clients. And I can be counted on to supply an endless stream of corporate photo talent for leadership conferences, ground-breaking and end-of-year celebrations.